Dr. Ramsay’s Telepsychology Practice

I currently run a solo, completely virtual telepsychology practice.

My goal for my practice is to direct my focus on clinical services. A central objective is continuing my specialty work with adults with ADHD, both diagnostic assessment and cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT). I’m also experienced helping people who are dealing with mood and anxiety issues to better manage and transcend various life problems and make the most of their strengths and skills.

I will continue to publish, lecture, blog, and make guest appearances on podcasts. I’m on the lookout for new ways to share accurate information about adult ADHD and psychological services, such as trainings (maybe supervision) for professionals seeking to “level up” their adult ADHD skills and know-how.

Even though my practice launches on July 1, I am accepting new clients and scheduling, if you are interested.

How Can I Help You?

Do you have problems related to:

Even though my specialty is the assessment and treatment of adult ADHD, the issues listed above are relevant for many people whether they have ADHD or not. If any of the descriptions above are relevant for you, I might be able to help.

Virtual Therapy

Virtual therapy (or telepsychology or teletherapy) is psychological treatment (therapy – cognitive-behavior therapy or CBT in my case) delivered via a HIPAA-compliant video conference platform. It has the benefit of flexibility, ease, and accessibility without driving to an office and finding (and maybe paying for) parking. Virtual therapy is as effective as in-person sessions. Treatment is considered to “occur” wherever a client is sitting.

Is Virtual Therapy an Option for You?

I am licensed to practice psychology in Pennsylvania, which means I can provide virtual therapy to anyone physically within the state lines.

I am also PsyPact credentialed, which means I can offer virtual therapy to people who are residents or otherwise physically in a participating state. Below is a link to the PsyPact map of participating states, including DC (and some that might be joining soon).

I should caution that not every person’s situation will be appropriate for virtual therapy. There may be factors or circumstances for which the professional standard is to have in-person meetings with a therapist or at least have that option. In-person sessions with me is not an option. I can discuss such issues if you are interested in my services.

Services and Fees

I do not participate with any insurance plans. I am not a Medicare/Medicaid provider. I can provide itemized receipts for services you receive so you can seek out-of-network benefits from your insurance carrier.

In compliance with the federal No Surprises Act (effective 01.01.2022), healthcare providers must notify clients of their Federal rights and protections against “surprise billing.” This Act requires that I notify you of your federally protected rights to receive a notification when services are rendered by an out-of-network provider (me), if you are uninsured, or if you elect not to use your insurance.

Below is a copy of my Good Faith Estimate of the cost of my services. It is a Federal requirement that you sign a Good Faith Estimate indicating that you agree to such out-of-network services before you begin treatment.

As of July 1, 2024, my fees will increase for the diagnostic intake interview, report writing (when requested), and for therapy sessions. These changes are reflected in the attached fee estimate below.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

How To Get Started

You can reach out to me directly with your interest, questions, and we can review your options, be it with me or with a referral elsewhere, when appropriate.

TherapyNotes is the secure electronic health record system I use, which includes a HIPAA-compliant video session platform. To get started, you will set up a client portal with your own username and passcode. This gives you access to the necessary consent forms, information sheets, questionnaires, and other materials and gives us a way to securely exchange them and other information.

The portal also allows you to set up a secure payment authorization account using a credit or debit card for ease of payment. I can provide itemized billing summaries at your request.

Moving Ahead with Treatment

The first meeting is an intake evaluation session to gather necessary information, understand your circumstances, and define your goals.

Before this meeting, you will receive, complete, and return questionnaires regarding background information and other measures related to your situation through the portal (or other acceptable means). This information allows us to set up a treatment plan focused on your goals. In rare cases, after this initial meeting one or both of us might decide that my approach or virtual sessions is not the right fit for you, and I’ll help you find a better fit to achieve your goals.

TherapyNotes provides appointment reminders via email with a link to each session.

Feel free to take a first step by reaching out to me.