Recent & Past Media

Here is a potpourri of links to various interviews, webinars, articles, and odds and ends for which I’ve participated, written, or been quoted.

Recent Media

David Giwerc and I co-presented an Additude Magazine webinar on the comparisons of CBT and ADHD Coaching.

I’ll be Rick Green’s guest on an upcoming Totally ADD webinar focused on unconventional coping strategies for adult ADHD.

I’ve recently been invited to be a blogger for Psychology Today. Here is a link to my PT blog site.

Here is a link to an hour-long webinar and subsequent article for Additude Magazine on managing anxiety and adult ADHD in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is an article about differentiating between adult ADHD and dementia in older adults from the Being Patient site.

Here is an ADHD-related article about managing the COVID restrictions from the Hello Giggles site.

While working from home, I provided a webinar on the use of the “How You Don’t Do Things” worksheet from my most recent book.

I was interviewed by Eric Trivers for the ADHD ReWired podcast related to my recent book, Rethinking Adult ADHD. I was interviewed by Eric a few years ago regarding CBT for adult ADHD.

I was quoted in an online story on difficulties related to shopping behavior for adults with ADHD for Glamour magazine. The other link is a story on a conference presentation of mine on “procrastivity,” a form of procrastination, and how CBT is modified to help adults with ADHD turn intentions into actions.

Past Media

I presented at a past CHADD conference on “ADHD Coaching and CBT for Adult ADHD: Differences, Similarities, and Benefits” with a friend/colleague on whose website for his ADHD Coaching program the link is posted. (Note: You will have to sign up for the e-newsletter to see the video, but can unsubscribe later – which I’m sure my friend/colleague will appreciate me telling you [said tongue-in-cheek].)

Here is a link for the various webcasts and articles of mine with Additude Magazine:

Here is a link to two blogs I wrote for the Totally ADD site:

Here is a 90-minute video of a talk I did on the topic of the young adult transition for teens with ADHD:

Here are a couple of video snippets from continuing education workshops (disclosure – If you are a mental health profession and decide to purchase the CE activity on video, I receive royalties from the purchase).

Here is an informal interview I did a few years ago during a conference in Prague (a friend who saw it said that it looked like I was a political prisoner being interrogated – but Prague is a beautiful, historic city, the accommodations were great, and I met many new friends and colleagues during my visit).

Interview snippets

Articles in which I’m quoted