About Me

Here is my professional bio. My curriculum vitae (CV), which translates as "life's course," is attached in case you want more specific information about my professional background and various undertakings.

Meet Russ Ramsay

Meet Russ Ramsay

J. Russell (“Russ”) Ramsay, PhD, ABPP is co-founder and co-director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program and an associate professor of clinical psychology in the department of psychiatry in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He is board-certified in Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) and is a diplomate of the Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies.

Dr. Ramsay has authored numerous peer-reviewed professional and scientific articles, research abstracts, and book chapters. He is author of five books related to various aspects of adult ADHD, including his most recent, Rethinking Adult ADHD. His self-help guidebook, The Adult ADHD Tool Kit, has been translated to Spanish and is currently being translated to French-Canadian and Korean. The Tool Kit is included in the recommended self-help book list of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT). He was an invited contributor to the APA Psychotherapy Video training series with an illustration of his CBT approach for adult ADHD.

Dr. Ramsay is an inductee in the CHADD Hall of Fame and received the Martin P. Szuba Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching & Research from the University of Pennsylvania. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Attention Disorders. Dr. Ramsay has served terms on the Professional Advisory Boards of the major ADHD organizations in the U.S. He has lectured worldwide and been sought out by media outlets for his insights on topics related to ADHD in adults. Dr. Ramsay’s professional interests are improving the accurate assessment and effective psychosocial treatment of adult ADHD and training future behavioral health clinicians in these skills.

Because this is my personal website, I will add the snippets that in the past several years I’ve switched from playing in an over-30 men’s soccer league to bike riding as my main means of exercise, and I am embarrassingly proficient in quoting Seinfeld episodes and other such cultural references.

My Main Professional Roles

My primary specialty and area expertise is the diagnostic assessment of ADHD in adulthood and psychosocial treatment using cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) adapted to the needs of adults with ADHD. I am also trained in CBT for a range of mood, anxiety, and other conditions and am board-certified in CBT through the Academy of Cognitive & Behavioral Therapies (formerly Academy of Cognitive Therapy). I am also board-certified in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology. I am a licensed psychologist in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey and I am credentialed through the Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APAIT)/Psychological Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT). I actually started at the University of Pennsylvania as a postdoctoral fellow in cognitive therapy at the Center for Cognitive Therapy, where I still work as a senior staff clinician. Below are links to the PENN programs with which I am affiliated.

My CV and Disclosures

If you really want the nitty-gritty details of my professional background and activities, they are in my CV. The disclosures are all my extramural activities outside of Penn that I report to the University each year and display on a slide at the start of any presentation to be transparent about any perceived or actual conflicts of interest. (I have no activities with the pharmaceutical industry.)